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Ask The Cyber Security Expert: How scary is Logjam?

09:48 20 May in Cyber security by robp

Logjam is the latest high profile security vulnerability to be given its own name (a la shellshock and heartbleed). You can read about it here. Now, whilst this certainly isn’t good I don’t think it quite as terrible as the headline makes out. In essence this...

Web site security: An Introduction

11:30 07 April in Cyber security by robp

On a fine and sunny day, what better way to pass the time than thinking about the security of your website. Here at The Cyber Security Expert we think of little else, even at the weekends. It makes us popular at parties. In todays post...

There’s something about Adi too

10:54 10 May in Cyber security by robp

Following on from yesterdays post about Alia and fake LinkedIn profiles, I did some further digging (The Cyber Security Expert has little else to do on a Friday night), and found Adi: Adi is Vice President of ACI International, which is actually real though is a shoe...