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Rob Pritchard, Founder

Rob Pritchard, Founder

Rob is an Associate Fellow at RUSI with 15 years experience in cyber security, and he is passionate about the topic, frequently commenting on cyber security issues for the media. He has a strong dislike of acronyms and jargon; simplicity and clarity are fundamental to both his ethos and the practises of The Cyber Security Expert. Outside work Rob enjoys watching science fiction, and is a big fan of home delivery pizza services.
Jag Mander, Cyber Security Expert

Jag Mander, Cyber Security Expert

With a background in network architecture, Jag knows all there is to know about secure networking. He is also a passionate and skilled SOC analyst, with a strong perfectionist streak. Accurate network diagrams and well written documentation are the order of the day when Jag is around. When he’s not tinkering in his own lab (and trying to keep the temperature in his home rack below 50C) he can be found enjoying Subway subs and football.
Alison James, Operations Manager

Alison James, Operations Manager

As an extremely experienced IT professional, and with degrees in both computer science and networking, Alison knows what good IT infrastructure should look like. Her extensive track record in IT project management ensures we stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to delivery. When not keeping the ship on the right course Alison enjoys nothing more than kicking back with with some running, yoga or videos of funny dogs on YouTube.
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