Clients from across the UK and Europe work with our cyber security experts. They tap into the specialist knowledge of our experts to help keep their businesses secure. Media outlets rely on us to provide expert speakers to give insight and analysis of global cyber security incidents. Our services include strategy, consultancy, training and security monitoring.
Cyber Security Strategy document

Cyber Security Strategy

Understanding the cyber landscape in which your business operates is fundamental to its security. It is the starting point for any business concerned about cyber-attack. Our experts work with client management teams to address business critical questions. Those questions include whether existing systems, policies, people and procedures are fit for purpose.


Armed with that knowledge our experts will create a clear cyber security strategy. We address critical issues. Then we put our clients in the best possible position to manage cyber security risks for their business.


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Working with our clients’ cyber security strategy our experts will forecast the impacts of potential cyber breaches. By using that information and also reviewing existing information security measures our experts will identify any weaknesses. They will then arm you with the information you need to make strategic decisions about your security.


Next, our experts will translate that strategy into an action plan. We help with everything. From identifying the right people to recruit, to training your existing  team and from the identification of best-fit outsourced solutions to overseeing their implementation.

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Cyber Security Training course


Cyber security incidents frequently start with a human being hoodwinked.  So, no matter how good your technical solution, it will not be complete until you train your people too.


Our training programme is more than classroom learning.  Our experts work with our UK and European clients to test both technology and staff awareness.  By training your staff, our experts ensure that all staff are aware of security risks affecting them, and your technical, operational and managerial staff have the skills they need to avoid and respond to threats.

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Cyber Security Monitoring

Our experience is your strength when it comes to cyber security monitoring services.


We understand that our clients cannot afford to lose the trust of their customers by having websites or data compromised by hackers. So, our Security Operations Centre is staffed only by experienced cyber security experts.  Our monitoring services give our clients the protection they need to keep commercial websites and cloud services secure

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Cyber Security Monitoring Operations screen
The Cyber Security Expert founder - Rob Pritchard

Expert Speaker

The Cyber Security Expert founder, Robert Pritchard, is a regular contributor to media discussions and industry events. He’s accustomed to providing expert commentary on breaking national and international stories in the cyber security sphere.


He’s regularly interviewed by global news outlets such as Sky News, the BBC, Talk Radio and Al Jazerra. He’s also been quoted in media titles like the New York Times, The Telegraph and the Wall Street Journal.


His no-nonsense, jargon-free approach is appreciated by journalists and conference organisers alike. For media interviews or to engage Robert as an expert speaker or panellist, please contact us.

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