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We'll train your staff
We deliver introductory, senior manager,
and technical training courses because
everyone has a part to play.
We'll prove your systems
Our experts will test your infrastructure and
your processes so you can be sure you're
well prepared.
We'll monitor your key systems
We'll monitor your website and your network
to ensure your data is safe.
We'll get you up to speed
We'll make sure your operations
team has the security systems and
processes in place that they need.
What we do
Security Monitoring

Our managed security monitoring service protects your website and network from hackers. Our Security Operations Centre is staffed by experts with extensive experience of managing all types of cyber security incidents, from lost laptops, to compromises with a potentially national impact.

Incident Response

If you know or suspect you've been the victim of a breach, our incident response service provides the guidance you need to help you manage the situation. We'll support you through the incident response lifecycle from investigation to resolution.

Penetration Testing & Social Engineering

Almost all significant compromises begin with a person being tricked. We can ensure this doesn't happen to you by testing both your technology and your staff, and helping you learn from the results.


Our training ensures technical, operational and managerial staff are security aware and equipped to respond to threats.


Apply our cyber security experience to your particular scenario, via practical help and advise.


We're passionate about security. Read our blog for expert opinion on cyber security news, technical insight and an informed analysis of real threats.

About us
The Cyber Security Expert believes that all companies deserve effective and affordable solutions to the threats posed by our technological age. Applying our expertise lets you get on with your day job, safe in the knowledge that your data and networks are protected.
We promise to
- provide jargon-free, practical advice
- never over-hype the problems you face
- demystify cyber security, making it relevant to all

Robert Pritchard

Founder, The Cyber Security Expert

The daily stats

Number of days that advanced cyber attacks typically go undetected (1)


Average number of attempted break-ins to our honeypot server every day (2)


Number of people who fall victim to a phishing attack every day (3)

1. From Mandiant report M-Trends 2014 Beyond the Breach
2. December 2014 to May 2015
3. From Government of Canada Phishing: How many take the bait?

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