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How to use phishing testing

17:55 13 June in Cyber security by robp

After a short discussion on twitter last week about phishing testing I thought I’d write a short piece on why I think it’s valuable and how we do it. You can read the twitter thread here – as you’ll see it started with the question...

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MS Office 365 Security & Monitoring

15:41 03 May in Cyber security by robp

I wrote a short post recently with some guidance for start-ups – if you read it you’ll notice I assume that any start-up will be making use of cloud services, rather than trying to build and host infrastructure internally. It’s not just start-ups using...

So, what is it we do?

16:09 18 April in Cyber security by robp

So, what is it you do? I’m often asked by people outside the cyber security industry what is it, in fact, that I do. A reasonable question, and my usual answer is ‘stuff, for people’. Partly that is a hangover from the government days, and partly because consultancy is...

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Five cyber security tips for a start-up

17:12 03 April in Cyber security by robp

So you’re a start-up and you’re worried about security. Well, caring about cyber security is a good thing, and doing so right at the beginning means you can start right now and ensure you maintain the good practice as you grow. Retro-fitting good security is...

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Security Monitoring Services

18:01 15 March in Cyber security by robp

If you follow me on twitter, or read the blog here, you’ll know that I am very keen on security monitoring. Effective security monitoring means that you can spot bad stuff when it happens and take action promptly to remediate the problem, and importantly, limit...

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Directors Cyber Responsibility

10:51 08 March in Cyber security by robp

Back in the old days, when I first started working in this sector, cyber security had a different name – we called it IT security. Now you may or may not like the ‘cyber’ moniker (plenty of my colleagues really dislike it!) but it does...