Cyber security

Ask The Cyber Security Expert: Was Tesco hacked?

09:06 16 February in attack, Cyber security, hack by robp

The Cyber Security Expert is often asked if Tesco was hacked. Well, ok, not usually often, but certainly a lot in the last few days. Was Tesco hacked? From this BBC headline you'd certainly think so: Firstly, you now know my thoughts on using the word 'attack' to...

Ask the Cyber Security Expert: What is an APT?

16:13 21 October in Cyber security by robp

You've heard a lot about APTs. Advanced Persistent Threats. They sound scary. Should you run screaming? Buy some expensive equipment? Or trust the wisdom of the cyber security expert? In this short note we try and clarify the following What is an APT? What does that mean? Who is...

Cyber crime and the real world

16:51 20 October in Cyber security by robp

BBC news this week reported on a novel use of hacking by a drugs gang. This was an audacious, long lived and multiple pronged attack. The ultimate aim was to allow the criminal gang to smuggle drugs into Europe through being able to monitor and control...