About The Cyber Security Expert
About The People
Rob Pritchard
Founder & Cyber Security Expert

Rob is The Cyber Security Expert.  After almost 20 years working in prestigious roles at the forefront of cyber security response, there is little that he hasn’t seen. He has briefed everyone from business leaders to government ministers and HM The Queen on cyber security issues.

At the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure he worked internationally with partner agencies to understand and improve response to sophisticated attacks by state-backed hackers against government departments, critical national infrastructure and UK industry.

As deputy head of UK Cyber Security Operations Centre, he was jointly responsible for the planning, testing and delivery of the successful cyber incident response programme which supported the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

At UBS he forged links between business units and engineering teams to ensure IT infrastructure was compliant with the Bank’s risk policies.

Critically Rob’s experience has made him a pragmatist: he knows that all the technology in the world can’t legislate for a member of staff losing their phone or responding to a phishing email.

He loathes jargon and his clear, concise communication style is one of the reasons that national and global media outlets regularly approach him for commentary. The BBC, News Week, The New York Times and Talk Radio amongst others have asked for analysis of high-profile cyber incidents.

An Associate Fellow of Cyber Security at RUSI – Rob is also a member the world’s oldest think tank on international defence and security.

Jagdip Mander
Cyber Security Expert

A network and security expert with some 15 years’ experience, Jag works closely with The Cyber Security Expert’s clients to continuously improve their cyber security services, deliver security monitoring and incident response as well as threat research. He also consults on security architecture and security testing.

Jag’s experience is drawn from key roles in companies such as Betfair, Brunswick Group, Babcock International Group and Ford Motor Company.

A passionate and skilled SOC analyst, he is one of the architects of The Cyber Security Expert’s Web Security+ monitoring service.

A perfectionist, his default setting is precision ensuring clarity and concise communications with clients.

Jag is also adept at sharing his specialist knowledge and delivers mentoring and bespoke training courses covering a variety of topics, including developing skills in a SOC and building cyber security capability in existing IT teams.

Alison James
Operations Manager

As an extremely experienced IT professional, and with degrees in both computer science and networking, Alison knows what good IT infrastructure should look like.

Starting professional life as a developer gave Alison the technical understanding of how IT works which she has been able to draw on throughout her working life.  After moving through team leadership and management, Alison moved in to technical project management before her introduction to the world of data governance in 2008.  Implementing the UK government’s “mandatory measures” for data governance in an arms-length NHS organisation gave a thorough understanding of how to set up a comprehensive governance framework, and change people’s behaviour.

Alison started managing cyber security projects while working at Symantec.cloud.  Now, her extensive track record in IT project management ensures we stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to delivery.

About The Company
The Cyber Security Expert Logo - red
Rob set up The Cyber Security Expert to debunk the myths that surround cyber security. We now work with scale-up and SME businesses to give them the appropriate, proportionate and flexible systems they need.

There is no complete technical solution to keeping systems cyber-safe. Robust cyber security response is born out of a mix of planning, appropriate software and systems, staff training and sufficient resources to monitor, evaluate and respond to threats.

We understand that businesses have finite budgets and that projects to keep business critical systems, data and services safe don’t have to break the bank. And, that if the worst should happen, calm heads and a considered response should rule the day.

We know from experience that all the expensive software in the world won’t keep businesses safe unless there are resources in place to monitor, evaluate and respond to threats.

We believe that pragmatism and practicality should rule the day. That’s why we work with our clients to put clear baselines in place and then build strategy, process, systems and staff knowledge that close security gaps.

Quite simply, we give our clients cost-effective, robust cyber security protection that can grow with their business.