There’s something about Adi too

10:54 10 May in Cyber security

Following on from yesterdays post about Alia and fake LinkedIn profiles, I did some further digging (The Cyber Security Expert has little else to do on a Friday night), and found Adi:


Adi is Vice President of ACI International, which is actually real though is a shoe manufacturer. Adi has the same job description as Alia.

Adi skills

However, more damningly, Adi is actually Ethan Hawke:


Interestingly both the Alia and Adi profiles claim to have been educated at LSE.

So whats all this about?

I have no idea. The job description appears to be cribbed from a possibly real employee of an Indian security company. Adi only has 58 connections. An experiment to see how many connections you can get with a good looking female vs a good looking male photo? A deep cover infiltration by a foreign spook agency into the western cyber security industry? A joke by Ethan Hawke?

We may never know.


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