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Why attribution is hard

16:31 01 June in attack, Cyber security, Espionage, hack, Threats by robp

If you follow cyber security in the news, or twitter or LinkedIn, you'll often hear debates about attribution - usually taking the form of Attack X is the work of Country Y. Most recently the attacks on the Swift network have been associated with the...

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Understanding the problem

16:58 11 March in Cyber security, Management by robp

I read with interest a post by Elliot Atkins, a friend and former colleague. You can read his post here. I agree with all of his points, but there is one bit in particular I want to dwell on today, as I think it has wider...

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A different kind of incident

15:48 05 December in Cyber security by robp

A couple of weeks ago I was reviewing my spam folder, and I saw this: (click to embiggen). I immediately burst out laughing, and was very impressed indeed with whoever had done this. This is an incident This was a pretty standard phishing email. It used the tried an...

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The new National Cyber Centre

12:12 23 November in Cyber security, Incident Response by robp

Speaking last week at GCHQ in Cheltenham, the Chancellor announced the creation of a new 'National Cyber Centre' (NCC). You can read the full text of his speech here, and some highlight factoids here. I recommend at least reading the highlights, though there is a...