Cyber Security Monitoring
Cyber security monitoring screen
A vital part of your cyber security toolkit is the ability to detect malicious activity, whether it’s someone trying to break into your website, stealing credentials for cloud services or compromising devices on your network.


We have experience in the full range of security monitoring solutions, including capturing security events from cloud services, endpoint security and host intrusion detection, and network intrusion detection systems.


Knowing when someone is trying to break in informs your security posture, and detecting potential, and actual, breaches quickly is key to effective incident response.


Whatever your business looks like, we can help select and implement the right security monitoring solutions.


We also provide a managed security monitoring solution, aimed at websites and cloud services. We will add a layer of protection to your website, and watch for malicious activity. For cloud services we can give you the assurance that only authorised people are accessing your data, and we will alert you promptly when suspicious activity, or attempts to break in, are detected.

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