Cyber Security Monitoring

Whatever your cyber security strategy, no toolkit is complete without the ability to detect malicious activity – be that someone trying to break into your website, steal the credentials for your cloud service or seeking to compromise devises on your network.
Knowing quickly when someone is trying to break in underpins your security posture and, detecting both potential and actual breaches, is critical in responding effectively to an incident.
Our Web Security+ and Cloud Security+ managed services are designed to do just that.

WebSecurity+ graphics
The headlines may focus on website breaches of high-profile businesses like British Airways, but did you know that, whatever you might think, your website is coming under attack on a daily basis – a software change, update or configuration mistake could make you unexpectedly vulnerable.


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If your business is one of the 68% that now store commercially confidential or personal data in the cloud, then you cannot afford not to protect it, and technology alone cannot make it secure.


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Talk to us about the cyber security needs of your business. As well as our managed packages which includes one of our team reviewing critical activity, we can support you with the creation of bespoke security monitoring solutions, capturing security events from cloud services, endpoint security and host intrusion detection systems.
Let us help make your business secure.

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