Cyber Security Monitoring
Whatever your cyber security strategy, you’ll need to have security monitoring in place in order to detect malicious activity. That might be someone trying to break into your website, steal the credentials for your cloud services or attempting to compromise devices on your network.


Cyber security monitoring is key to finding out quickly that you are subject to a cyber-attack. The speed with which you identify potential and actual cyber breaches is critical to your security posture. It is also a vital part of mounting an effective response.


Our security operations centre is equipped to do just that. Web Security+ and Cloud Security+ are both managed services overseen by our cyber security experts.


WebSecurity+ graphics
Website breaches of high-profile businesses like British Airways may make the headlines, but did you know that your website is under attack on a daily basis? A software change, update or configuration mistake can all play a part in making your business unexpectedly vulnerable.


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Some 68% of businesses now store commercial confidential or personal data in the cloud. If your business uses cloud services, then you’ll want to know who is accessing your data, from where, and to be alerted on any usual activity. With GDPR you simply can’t afford not to monitor your cloud services.


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In-house Security Operations Centre

As well as our managed services which includes one of our team reviewing critical activity, we can support you with the implementation of your own security operations centre. We will advise on the appropriate technology for your business, and install and configure security monitoring tools to capture security events from your cloud services, your website, your endpoint security and host intrusion detection systems.


As well as configuring your SIEM we will develop your security monitoring procedures, and train your operations team, ensuring you’re in the best position to run your in-house security operations centre.


Let us help you make your business secure.

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