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ABC News

April 2018

As Britain faces the threat of possible cyber-attack from Russia, Rob comments on what the UK Government can do to mitigate the risk.

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

July 2020

Rob talks about the accusation by the US, the UK and Canada that Russia has been hacking COVID-19 vaccine researchers.

April 2018

Rob talks about NATO’s cyber defence exercise to which Australia has sent an official observer following recent cyber attacks on Australian businesses.

June 2017

Rob joins Fran Kelly of ABC to discuss what can be done about online extremism.

May 2017

Rob discusses the WannaCry ransomware attack which affected a large number of organisations globally, notably Britian’s NHS.

Al Jazeera

December 2020

Rob commented on the Solarwinds story, a huge cyber attack on the US attributed to Russia.

July 2020 – Inside Story

Rob joins a panel to discuss the announcement by the UK government that it will ban Huawei equipment from its 5G network.

July 2020

Rob was interviewed about the Twitter hack where a number of high-profile accounts were used in an apparent cryptocurrency scam.

May 2017 – Inside Story

Rob joins a panel to discuss the computer virus WannaCry which affected major organisations including Britain’s NHS, French car maker Renault, international shipper FedEx, and Russia’s banks and interior ministry, as well as the Spanish telecoms company Telefonica.

March 2017 – Inside Story

Rob discusses privacy and security aspects of the modern connected world.

April 2016 – Inside Story

Rob joins a panel to discuss encryption and whether governments should have the right to snoop on what we share online.

May 2015 – Inside Story

Rob and the panel debate private and state internet surveillance

Associated Press

January 2020

Rob comments on the investigation into the hacking of Jeff Bezos’ mobile phone which he describes as “very incomplete”.


September 2018

Rob provides insight in to how hackers may have stolen thousands of customer credit and debit card details from the British Airways website and app.


April 2015

Rob comments on the NATO cyber security drills held in Estonia.


March 2020

Rob comments on whether the allegations that downloading the Houseparty app can cause other accounts to be hacked are likely to be true…

Canadian TV

April 2015

Rob discusses the cyber attack which took France’s TV5Monde off the air


December 2020

Rob was interviewed about the Russian Solarwinds cyber attack on the US.

Financier Worldwide

January 2017

Rob provides expertise for this risk management cover story.


July 2019

Rob provides insight into the news that Google is to close a loophole that allowed publishers to detect people using incognito mode in the Chrome web browser and serve them up different content.

Huffington Post

August 2018

In this article written by Rob, he explains that the Millenium Bug was not an example of “overhype” but a disaster avoided by years of planning, re-work, and a lot of testing…

Inside Sources

October 2016

Rob discusses the risk and possible impact of cyber security breaches to major stock exchanges.

ITV News

October 2020

Rob comments on the news that six Russian GRU Officers have been charged in connection with deployment of destructive malware, including attacks against Ukraine’s electric power grid, spearphishing campaigns targeting French President Macron’s election campaign, attacks targeting the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and destructive malware attacks that infected computers worldwide using malware known as NotPetya.

Rob on ITV News

Jane’s Intelligence Review

March 2021

Rob looks at the implications for cloud services following the SolarWinds attack reported in December 2020.

This article is available to Jane’s Intelligence Review subscribers only.

March 2020

Private technology companies hold increasing amounts of private data making them vulnerable to intelligence collection by nation-states. Rob provides some expert opinion for this article in Jane’s Intelligence Review.

This article is available to Jane’s Intelligence Review subscribers only.


“Speaking to Jane’s in January 2020, cyber security expert Rob Pritchard said that technology companies such as Google and Facebook now faced insider threats traditionally associated with companies in the defence sector or critical national infrastructure (CNI). …”

The National

December 2018

Rob discusses the alleged hacking of EU diplomatic cables after a private cybersecurity company discovered sensitive documents online and released them to journalists.


April 2021

Rob comments on the ransomware attack on the Washington, D.C. Police Department for which a group called Babuk claimed responsibility and threatened to release information if they were not paid.

NBC News

October 2018

Rob comments on the Bloomberg magazine article alleging that China’s military has placed microchips into widely used computer systems.


July 2020

“Right now anyone who looks like they might be ahead of the game when it comes to a COVID-19 vaccine is going to have an edge others want to get” Rob tells Newsweek that pharmaceutical companies are frequent targets when it comes to state-backed cyber espionage.

July 2020

“I think we’re all lucky it was just crypto scammers and not something more insidious, to be honest.” Rob comments on the Twitter hack where some of the biggest accounts were used in a cryptocurrency scam.

March 2020

Rob comments on the video calling app Houseparty and their suggestion that recent allegations of a hack may have been a “paid commercial smear campaign”.

August 2019

Rob discusses the new Huawei operating system with Newsweek noting “If you didn’t trust Huawei hardware running Android then you aren’t going to trust Huawei hardware running their own operating system”.

July 2019

Rob discusses the Capital One hack/breach with Newsweek.

September 2018

Rob tells Newsweek he remains unconvinced about the alleged Wi-Fi security issue reported by SureCloud, saying “In essence, this report demonstrates that passwords to unencrypted portals over unprotected Wi-Fi can be captured, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.”

August 2018

Rob comments on the Check Point report which said WhatsApp bugs could let hackers “spread misinformation from what appear to be trusted sources”.

April 2018

Rob comments on governments’ use of cell-site simulators to monitor citizens’ mobile communications.

June 2015

Rob explains why Britain has to fend off thousands of cyber attacks every day.

OCP Policy Centre

March 2017

In this interview Rob discusses key cyber issues including cyber criminals, cyber defence, and the importance of national cyber strategies.

Radio News Hub

July 2020

In this interview Rob discusses key cyber issues

The Register

September 2020

Rob comments on the story that businesses are worried they will get caught in the cross-fire of a cyber attack.

August 2020

“This pervasive idea that investing in vague ‘cyber capabilities’ can somehow replace actual defence spending on things that are useful for defence has gone on way too long…” Read Rob’s thoughts on the news that the British army is increasing spending on cyber security.

March 2019

Rob comments on the report from the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) which says the Chinese company is a threat to British national security after all …

February 2019

Rob comments on the upcoming report from the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) which is set to shame Huawei over lack of resolution on issues previously raised.

November 2015

Rob comments on the threat of cyber-terrorism.

Sky News

November 2018

Rob is interviewed about cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab’s move out of Moscow to Switzerland in an effort to address concerns arising from its exposure to Russian intelligence services.

October 2018

Rob is interviewed about the second annual review by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), published on 16th October. The NCSC revealed it has handled 1,167 cyber incidents, including 557 in the last 12 months, the majority of which “were undertaken by groups of computer hackers directed, sponsored or tolerated by the governments of those countries”.

October 2018

Rob is interviewed about the security threats from Chinese companies building 5G networks, and the request by Admiral Lord West, a former First Sea Lord who served under Gordon Brown as a security minister, for the government to set up a unit reporting directly to the prime minister to monitor the risk posed by Chinese equipment in 5G.

April 2018

Rob provides his opinions on what a cyber war would look like.

September 2017

Rob comments on the massive breach of US-based Equifax, in which it lost the personal data of millions of people to hackers.

The Sun

July 2018

Rob advises users how to protect themselves from Facebook scammers.

The Sydney Morning Herald

March 2021

Rob comments on the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China’s website DDoS attack “Attacks like this, against critics of the Chinese state, are really clearly just meant either to prevent people accessing publish material the Chinese state apparatus finds objectionable, or simply to disrupt the operations of the target”

Talk Radio

May 2017

Rob discusses the NHS ransomware attack.

The Telegraph

December 2020

Rob comments on the SolarWinds hack, considered to be the worst Russian cyber attack on the US in a decade.

January 2020

Rob comments on the value of the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre, also known as the Cell, which tests and probes Huawei equipment for use in the UK.

January 2019

Rob comments on the vulnerabilities of Twitter accounts and why it’s really important that security measures are put in place.

April 2018

Rob comments on the threat of cyber attacks by Russia.

June 2017

Passwords belonging to British politicians, diplomats and senior police officers have been traded.

TRT World

January 2019

Rob is interviewed about the new Vietnam cyber law

December 2018

Rob is interviewed about Chinese hacking

June 2017

Rob is interviewed about the global ransomware attack which started in the Ukraine

Verdict Encrypt

June 2019

Rob comments on the impact Wikileaks has had on cyber security.

The Wall Street Journal

September 2017

Rob comments in this article describing how old technology is being used to combat today’s threats.


March 2019

Rob comments on the major ransomware attack at Norway-based Norsk Hydro.

Yahoo Media

August 2020

Rob comments on the report that trade documents were taken from an hacked email account of former international trade secretary Liam Fox.