If you’re seeing this page you have been phished! Don’t worry though, nothing bad will happen. This was just a drill. Your credentials have not been stored, and you will not get in trouble.

However why not use this opportunity to review your phishing knowledge?  Spies and criminal who are trying to steal your information want you to act quickly.

They will send emails saying there is a problem and that you must resolve it now or trying to lure you with interesting looking links.

Always take time to review – is this email really from who it says? Where is this link taking me?
Some things you can do:

  • If an email says you need to verify details, or directs you to a login page, don’t be fooled. If you are concerned visit the website in question in your browser, login there and check to see if there really is an issue (www.office.com for Sharepoint)
  • If you are even slightly concerned or suspicious, report the email to the real Inhouse-IT for review. There is a link at the bottom of all emails to enable you to do this.

Remember – stay paranoid!

Thanks, The Cyber Security Expert