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No technical solution to cyber security is complete without people being trained too – the weak link in cyber security almost always starts with a human being hoodwinked.  We can ensure that technical, operational and managerial staff are trained in the skills they need to be both security aware and equipped to respond to threats.


We regularly deliver everything from all staff cyber security awareness to specialised open source intelligence training to clients across the UK and Europe.


Examples of the types of training we deliver include:


User awareness training: designed to improve user awareness it focuses on helping staff understand the threats to them and your organisation, and highlights the role they play in cyber defence. This training programme includes practical examples of the good behaviours which help people stay safe and secure both at home and at work.


Board level briefing: designed to introduce senior management to the concepts and reality of cyber security and the considerations they need to apply in critical business planning.


Introduction to cyber security skills: designed as the foundation to developing a cyber security skillset this training programme is illustrated with examples and practical exercises. We work in plain English, avoiding jargon to ensure clients complete the course with a clear understanding of cyber security, the threats to their business and the principles of how to mitigate those.


Incident response: incident response strategies are an essential element of robust cyber security. This bespoke package includes testing your systems and developing specific response plans as well as training your technical teams in their implementation.


Whatever your cyber security training requirement, we can help.

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