Cyber Security Training
Cyber Security Training courses
Humans are normally the weakest link in any security programme. That’s why cyber security training is an essential part of any IT security programme.


Everyone has a part to play in keeping your business safe. We can help stop your staff from being hoodwinked and offer cyber security courses suitable for all staff as well as technical, operational and managerial teams.


Our cyber security consultants regularly deliver training courses to clients across the UK and in Europe. All our courses are delivered in plain English.


Cyber security training from The Cyber Security Expert


Cyber security awareness training

This introductory training course is designed to be presented across your whole organisation. A series of briefings of 2 hours in length highlight the threats your staff and the business face. They define the role all staff have to play in cyber defence. Awareness training includes practical examples of the good behaviours which help people stay safe and secure both at home and at work.


Cyber security board of directors briefing

This short security briefing is specifically designed to introduce senior management to the concepts and reality of cyber security. It describes considerations they need to give to the organisation’s technology and data security as part of critical business planning and resilience measures.


Cyber security skills introduction training

This IT security course is a technical foundation course. It is designed to train IT and security operations staff in basic cyber security skills and includes examples and practical exercises. Staff who complete this course will achieve a clear understanding of cyber security, the threats to the business, and the tools and operational procedures they have in place to mitigate them.


Bespoke training courses

Our cyber security experts can train your teams in operations, incident response, use of common cyber security tools and even train-the-trainer for staff awareness.  If you have any bespoke cyber security training needs don’t hesitate to contact us.


Phishing testing

Using periodic targeted phishing campaigns we can anonymously test outcomes of the cyber security awareness training. Phishing emails present a real danger to business and are commonly used to trick staff into revealing sensitive information or even their credentials.  This testing provides a really useful metric for your awareness planning, as well as a timely reminder to staff that they need to stay on their toes.


Cyber Security Awareness Campaign


By combining Cyber Security Awareness Training with phishing testing and, optionally, site inspections and white hat social engineering, we can deliver an ongoing awareness programme which keeps staff up-to-date with the changing threats as well as providing a metric to measure changes in their day-to-day behaviour. We recommend quarterly cyber security briefings combined with a rolling phishing testing campaign which targets all staff twice a year.

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